Star Wars

Star Wars, Episode II: The Splintered Dark

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Planet-side and Free. (washing off all that GH-0R3)

The Heroes land on Ord Mantell, In junkyard district of the city of Worlport. Embrul D’arshan debarking from the ship that dropped him off (wherein he has employed the Ubese “co-pilot” as a temporary body guard) and walks across the dusty landing pad to meet up with Jayve Arcwell aboard The Nomad. The two decide to strip the Nomad’s interior of valuables and sell the ill-gotten freighter, and in doing so discover a small crate wrapped in a metallic sensor-barring blanket. Upon investigating they discover the crate has an encrypted lock and a recently painted Rebel insignia painted on it. They decide to stow it for now, and continue looting. (the only valuables they decide to keep are two data pads, one of which is Rando’s bounty hunting journal, and the other is a list of his contracts and possible blackmail information on his clients in case any of them try to double-cross him.)

Ord mantell tor
Ord Mantell.

The heroes gather the goods in a hover crate and the Ubese meets up with them to guide them to the Trader’s District wherein they re-supply at a pawn and dealer shop called the Aqueous Gem, wherein they meet the Nautolan tekker/shop keeper Ina Swento (whom Embrul recognizes as being mildly force sensitive) who quickly takes a liking to the pair, and after some dealing and conversation offers to ask her boss to sponsor the credit and work-hungry Jayve if he would enter the Blockade Runners Derby in order to promote the store (which has been getting a bad rep due to someone spreading slander), as most off-world entrants need a sponsor in order to enter due to Ord Mantell‘s favoring of it‘s native racers. Ina herself favors the odds on a Human named Han Solo who won the race 2 years before, but the local buzz places the win on a racer she referred to as “Oto”. (also, it is mentioned that lately the dangerous race has taken on an even more “accident-prone” slant as more high-dollars sponsors have entered.) As the heroes will need a ship to enter, she recommends them to a ship dealer (Abisho’s Emporium) that won’t try to cheat them too badly.
Da d
A dusty Ord Mantell spaceport, with Worlport in the distance.

There, Jayve buys a possibly 3,000 year old Archaic XS Light Freighter from the shipyard/junkyard, which is owned by a crass Toydarian dealer named Abisho and dubs it the The Dusty Hawk II. Embrul buys a Mankvim-B14 Light Interceptor and dubs it The Blind Eye. Jayve turns down an offer to fly the race under Abisho’s sponsorship, citing that he’s already racing for Ina’s shop. Scoffing at this, Abisho (mildly insulted) rescinds his offer of sponsorship and continues haggling prices with the two, settling on taking the Nomad along in trade for the junker XS, telling the two that he will come to get the nomad from the docking bay in an hour to give them time to prep it for transport. Jayve hires Ina to use a light disintegrator tool to remove any identifying marks from the Nomad (a curious act, as the Nomad itself is a completely unique and custom ship.) Abisho arrives and makes a few rude remarks, hinting at Ina being a former dancer at the casinos, and possibly a slave. The ships are swapped, and the Mankvim delivered, leaving the heroes to begin repairs and upgrades on their new shining (or in Jayve’s case, rusted and derelict) transports.

Ord mantell swi36
Worplort’s tourist district

Meanwhile, a lone starfighter warps into the system, disengages from its hyperdrive docking ring, and lands discreetly in the junkyard outlying the city of Worlport. The dark red hooded pilot disembarks from the ship, and activates a portable holoprojector to inform a shrouded man of his progress…



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