Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 3 Prologue 1

Shadows at Calimos

A deathly chill settled into the station bay, the odd stillness seeming to slow the passage of time around them. Bex knew that with the temperature regulator now severely damaged from the sniper‘s blaster bolt, the room would rapidly grow colder and colder, until it matched the vacuum of space just outside the station walls. No matter, he thought. The bounty killer was still at a disadvantage: Bex’s cloaking device kept his body shrouded, and all the sniper’s skills remained woefully impotent without being able to actually see his target. All the hunter had done was hastened the inevitable outcome, denying Bex any time to continue toying with him. Perhaps that was for the better, he considered, as it was his sadistic streak that had gotten him on the wanted list to begin with. Not that he didn’t enjoy the challenge of murdering the bounty hunters and law enforcers that kept chasing after he and his gang, but this one was different; this one had been violently trailing them since their first run-in on Ord Mantell, and Bex was beginning to run out of men and patience. Bex sneered as he dismissed his musings and shifted away, confident in his invisibility, and stealthily made his way across the catwalk. The sniper was down there somewhere, he knew, and it was only a matter of getting close enough to deliver the final cut. Bex peered over the railing, and took a deep breath to steel himself for the moment to come, the steam from his breath drifting out like a ghost before him.

The steam from his breath.

Bex’s eyes widened at the sudden realization, his legs suddenly ignoring his mental scream to dive for cover. His arms fell slack to his sides, the blade tumbling to the floor. Something was wrong. Why couldn’t he..?

Bex’s body tumbled over the railing, crashing lifelessly onto the metal grating below. There was a moment of cold silence. The bounty killer known as Verger stepped forward from his cover, hidden amid plasteel cargo containers, and ejected the remaining charge from his sniper rifle. It left a trail of ozone as it arced towards the floor, clinking to rest near Bex’s head. Bex’s dull eyes stared forward, the last of his breath mixing with the steam from the glowing red hole burned through his forehead.
Another bounty for Verger, another predictable, logical choice between taking his target dead or alive. He crouched, pulling a scanner from under one of the panels of his cloak, and put it’s holographic light to use confirming the identity of his latest target. When the device was satisfied, a message appeared notifying the hunter that the appropriate amount of credits would be transferred directly to his account. Verger returned the device to it’s place, and picked up the expended charge from the floor. He turned suddenly, the three red lights that served as his eyes glaring intensely out from beneath the shadows of his hood. One of the personnel sensors he’d placed in the hall beyond the sealed bay door had tripped, alerting him to an oncoming presence.


“It’s jammed up with something!” shouted the guard, fervently working the computer panel to the right of the door. The captain shouted his reply back with a mixture of excitement and reticence.
“Well, get it open manually, NOW!”
The sealant holding the bay door shut ripped apart, and armed Calimos Station guards flooded into the bay, blasters leveled at the scene before them, expecting a fight. What they got instead was Bex’s solitary body laying tangled at the center of the bay, the dwindling trail of steam above his eye the only other entity in the room.



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