The Dusty Hawk I

The ill-fated ship of Jayve Arcwell


“The Dusty Hawk”
Custom CEC HWK-290

Colossal* Space Transport (29m)
Init +5; Senses Perception +15

Defense Ref 19 (Flat-footed 15), Fort 38; +12 Armor
HP 156; DR 20; SR 30; Threshold 98

Speed: fly 16 squares (max. velocity 1,150 km/h), fly 4 squares (starship scale)
Ranged: 2 Quad Laser Cannon +15 (5d10×4, pilot or copilot)
Fighting Space: 8×8 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total (pilot, crew, and passengers)
Base Atk: +10; Grp +58
Atk Options: Autofire (quad laser cannon)

Abilities Str 66, Dex 16, Int 20
Skills Initiative +5, Mechanics +17, Perception +17, Pilot +5, Use Computer +17
Crew 1; Passengers 6
Cargo 100 tons; Consumables 1 month;
Hyperdrive x1, nav computer
Reinforced bulkheads +30%
Combat thrusters
Shield rating 30
Smuggler’s compartment +1
Maneuvering jets +4
Medical Suite
Slave circuits (basic)


In their early days together, Jayve and Deel made a tidy sum of credits stealing overflow from vehicle parts shipments and selling them at a discount price on the black market. After three years of this, the two had amassed enough funds to open Deel’s first shop. A local smuggler by the name of Neb Callus, a human with a particular fondness for Corellian ships, contracted Deel to upgrade his brand-new HWK-290, which he had simply named The Hawk. Unfortunately for Neb, his line of work had left some bad relations with the Hutts, particularly one of Nar Shaddaa’s more infamous gangsters, Kurka. After a month passed and Neb was nowhere to be found, Deel assumed the worst.

The Hawk waited for months in Deel’s shop, until Jayve returned to Nar Shaddaa in an old Dynamic Class freighter he had acquired on Tatooine. When he spotted the ship gathering dust in Deel’s shop, he immediately fell in love. Jayve proposed a trade: his ill-gotten Dynamic glass for the equally ill-gotten HWK-290. Deel was hesitant at first, but Jayve didn’t give him time to make a choice: in his zeal to pilot the new ship, he left the Dynamic Class with a few thousand extra credits behind, and took The Hawk in the middle of the night. This irritated Deel, but in his eagerness to own the new vessel, Jayve had neglected to search the Dynamic Class thoroughly, and ended up leaving behind a large cache of droid parts worth several thousand credits more than the total value of The Hawk. Deel would continue to give Jayve a hard time for absconding with The Hawk, but since he had actually come out ahead, this was more in jest than anything.

Since the ship was covered in a thick layer of dust when he acquired it, Jayve affectionately re-dubbed the ship The Dusty Hawk, and immediately used his underworld contacts and piloting skills to go into business as a smuggler. He would spend the next seven years with the ship, earning a reputation as a professional pilot who transported goods safely without asking questions.

The Dusty Hawk I

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